Initially focusing on web development for end customers, I've adjusted my services over time and started offering new services to support my customers better with their project needs. I'm strongly focusing on business clients, however, I'm still working with private clients occasionally. Kindly reach out to me with your requirements and I'll send you a quote and my availability.

Last Update: 23rd October 2018
Availability: Available upon request

Web Development

Whether you need a website designed, developed and delivered from scratch or require someone to join your project/business for a certain period - either to work on a freelance basis or as a temporary replacement (e.g. for developers on maternity leave) - I'm always willing to support you and deliver the best service possible.

Over the last few years I've mostly worked with business customers, however, I'm occasionally picking up end customer projects too - private blogs, private websites or smaller applications - I will give you a free consultation and offer you reasonable rates, hosting and after sales support/service. Customers in Malta benefit from face-to-face consultations, special rates and payment conditions.

Contact me on with your requirements and I'll respond very soon.


Technology is changing at a rapid pace. Whether you need consultation about a specific web-related issue, project or an idea that you want to realise, I'm here to help. Kindly contact me at to schedule a call. Any information you can give me up front is greatly appreciated and will help giving you an idea how to proceed. Our first consultation session (30 minutes max.) is always free, after that usual charges apply (a fixed price can be quoted).

Rates 2018/2019

Current hourly rate is 49,00 EUR (excl. VAT) minimum.
Additional charges may apply.

Currently hourly rate is 49,00 EUR (excl. VAT) minimum.
Additional charges may apply.

Additional Charges

Any work that needs to be carried out on a site defined by the customer (such as their offices) comes with an extra charge of 18,00 EUR (excluding VAT) on each billed hour. Kindly note, this only applies to major European cities and regions - remote locations such as smaller villages, islands and regions not well served by air carry a higher charge (calculated on request). A minimum of 80 work hours applies. A lesser amount of hours will increase the charge accordingly (40 hours = 36,00 EUR, 20 hours = 72,00 EUR etc).